Good day, BUSPPOE family! I hope all are happy and well. I know that you must be wondering about registration for the Bermuda cruise and how the recent situation with the COV 19 (coronavirus) is going to affect our cruise.

First registration. The Committee did set a registration fee of $60, we are awaiting some minor details with the website “” to go live so that people can register from that site. I know that you are waiting, but as we say in the VI, “soon come”. Hopefully, within the next couple of days.

Secondly, the COV19 virus. How does the affect our cruise? The most honest answer is, we don’t know. I have attached a letter from NCL that was sent to Jeris yesterday. I thought it could explain what precautionary measures that they are taking better than I can. It allows any registered guest to cancel up to 48 hours prior to the sail date. Please read it and judge for yourself. While we still want to host this cruise, we want to keep our options open.

Presently, we are operating in a “go” mode and see if this COV19 resolves our ability to travel without concern. I have travel plans out of the country next month and still want to keep my options open. However, when our State Department recommends us not to do something in the name of travel, I follow.



Welcome aboard, BUSPPOE 2020 cruisers! The 2020 BUSPPOE Committee Members are excited and delighted to host you on our first official BUSPPOE cruise! To recap, we will be cruising with Norwegian Cruise Lines, aboard their newest ship, “Encore” sailing August 30 – September 3. (4 nights), departing from New York City. For detailed information about the ship itself, we invite you to NCL’s website: Register on this site so that you can begin to familiarize yourself with the ship, explore and begin planning of your individualized experience aboard. In addition, BUSPPOE will be hosting several events, and we will keep you posted on them as the Committee fine-tunes them. This balance of family and individualized experiences makes for a perfect learning and fun get-away!
To stay connected, we are using 2 social media sites: the Facebook Group Site – BUSPPOE; and a newly created website whose link will be incorporated in the FaceBook site. We believe that most people will be able to stay connected with the group using these 2 options. On these sites, you are able to register for BUSPPOE online, pay your registration fee, ask questions, and stay connected to the group. If anyone still needs to be notified via “regular” mail, you must respond with your postal address. We do not want to leave anyone out of the loop. We will be sending an email out to all BUSPPOE members that we have on file, that means that some of you will be receiving communication about the cruise even if you are not attending. Perhaps the excitement will encourage you to join us. However, you may opt out of receiving email from us. Just let us know.

Register Here #wow-modal-id-1

We look forward to cruising together with you!

We are sure that you are wondering about registration costs. And finally, we have a figure. As promised, the registration cost is nominal. Sixty dollars, yes, that’s right $60. Included in this fee will be the cost of a t-shirt, a digital group photo, and a bag of a few goodies. To register, click on our web page, Complete your registration form, pay your registration fee via through Cash App, Zelle, or you can mail it in to the noted address on the registration form. Registration is due by June 1, 2020. After that, registration will be $75.00, no exceptions. We urge you to get your registration to us promptly.
As a reminder, the Committee is currently exploring seminar topics to inform, mentor, and, be just plain fun. Potential topics we have discussed so far: Financial Health, The State of the Woman in Probation, Emotional Well-being, and a creative fun workshop. As such, this is another call for presenters. If you have a topic that you would like to present, we invite you to provide a brief summation of the topic and goals. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Our Committee Members are:
Paulette Allen, TNM (
Monica Hampton SC (
Pamella Harris, NYS (
Lonzo Lowery, FLS (
Carlos Montgomery PAE (
Loretta McCray CAC ( (213)447-1244